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From Tax Break to Business Break: How Successful Execs Leverage the Competitive Advantage of Being Present

Ben Basar has climbed mountain peaks all over the country, skied the toughest black diamonds, navigated turbulent white waters, and logged endless miles by mountain bike. He has a degree

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See Your Progress at Fox River Pilates Center Ben Basar’s life changed in more ways than one in 1999, when he suffered whiplash in a car accident. The injuries required

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Fox River Pilates Center

The Fox River Pilates Center is a state of the art Pilates studio that is fully dedicated to empowering people to attain an optimal state of health and well being through the balance of body, mind, and spirit using the Pilates Method of exercise.

Our goal is to provide our clients with a Pilates experience that is inviting, fun, and more meaningful than any regular health club visit.

The studio is located on the beautiful banks of the Fox River in downtown Geneva, Illinois.

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