Bien Être – Massage & Bodywork

The Bodywork Room is a very special room within the Fox River Pilates Studio because it over looks the flowing Fox River.
This personal space was especially created to enhance your wellness experience with us. This is a private room dedicated
for healing services including Bien Être and Reiki.

Karinne Geier, LMT, CST

I have an ever deepening love for the brain stem, the autonomic nervous system and the non-conscious.

I am an intuitive, sensitive and nurturing facilitator of health and healing. I have come to consider myself an excellent listener of the body and have always given all that I have to every session. I am passionate about my work and am ever-amazed as I continue to open my heart, my head, and my hands.

I am a proud graduate of Chicago School of Massage Therapy, presently Cortiva Institute. Graduating in 2001, I continued my education at the Upledger Institute for my CranioSacral and SomatoEmotional Release Training. I have also enjoyed courses on integration and development of fundamental reflexes, as I have an ever deepening love for the brain stem, the autonomic nervous system and the non-conscious.

Massage Therapy

Massage Therapy is intended for the purpose of enhancing total body health. Specific benefits include pain relief, enhanced range of motion, and improved health of soft tissue. Through trigger point therapy, hyper-facilitated pain receptors in muscle spindles, known as trigger points, are addressed and allowed to return to normal, thus greatly reducing or eliminating pain. Massage allows the body to return to ease, mentally and physiologically, by encouraging the body’s parasympathetic response for healthy digestion and sleep, both driving forces in good health. In addition, massage enables a balance in hormones, allowing repair of tissues as well as restoring fluid balance, stimulating the immune system, and returning proper blood flow to ischemic tissue resulting in the removal of accumulated waste and replenished nourishment. Body and mind will be restored to a better bien être, or well-being.

CranioSacral Therapy

CranioSacral Therapy works with your body’s natural cranial rhythm, the subtle extension and flexion of the cranium as an intracranial pumping mechanism gently circulates cerebrospinal fluid around the brain and the spinal cord. When the body is balanced, movement of the bones and surrounding tissues move with ease into full extension and flexion in synchronized harmony. Restrictions in the boney cranial and sacral articulations, musculature and other soft tissue can cause a disruption in the cranial rhythm, resulting in increased pressure on cranial and spinal nerves. CranioSacral Therapy takes an evolved approach to restoring harmony in tissue by using a very gentle pressure in the restricted area and allow the body to self-correct. Not only does this self-correction have a more permanent effect, it is precise in the manner and degree of adjustment. The therapy is extremely relaxing as you enter a therapeutic altered state, tuning into your body and it’s needs. CranioSacral Therapy is a wonderful treatment for everyone, but especially those who suffer with pain, nerve disfunction, migraines, sinus pressure, and restricted range of motion.

SomatoEmotional Release

SomatoEmotional Release Therapy works with the body and its innate wisdom to release tissue of pain, tension, stored energy and emotion by following the body into retained patterns of movement and positions while in a therapeutic relaxed state. As life’s physical and/or emotional traumas occur, the body takes in the experience through all the senses. As this energy enters the body, whether by emotional or physical blow, it is necessary for the body to recover by dispelling and organizing this disruptive energy. In certain instances, the body is unable to complete this process, possibly because the inherent energy and understanding was insufficient at the time. Whatever the reason, the result is retained disruptive energy that can interfere with the body’s functioning, creating tensions, asymmetries, inefficiencies, and pain. SomatoEmotional Release Therapy supports the body in completing the recovery process, restoring health and vitality, as one gains new understanding of oneself. This type of therapy is particularly helpful to those who have sustained past trauma, those with unexplained pain or anxiety, and those with chronic, lingering, and stubborn discomfort and dysfunction.

Our session

Sessions are always organized around you and your needs. Every therapeutic technique within my scope of practice that is indicated will be available to you. We start by discussing and tuning in to your body and depending on the type of work anticipated, you can wear comfortable clothes or have time to change to be under massage sheets. The sessions are fairly intuitive, allowing us to move into deep specific muscular work, to intense chakra energy work, to sublime cranial work, or thoughtful dialoging with your inner physician and peaceful guided imagery.


30, 60, 75, 120 minute sessions available


Available by appointment throughout the week, early mornings through late evenings.

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Karinne Geier, LMT, CST
Phone: 630-408-1923
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