Class Descriptions & Pricing

Fox River Pilates offers a variety of classes. Whether you are looking for individual instruction or a classroom session, our various classes will accomodate your fitness ineterests.

Class Schedule

calendarAvailable for private lessons all throughout normal business hours, even during class time. Please call (630) 262-8610 to schedule.

New Client Special

The New Client Special consists of 3 Private lessons at a discount and serves as the best starting point for learning Pilates. It will allow your instructor to assess your goals, fitness level, and any significant injuries. These 3 sessions are designed to introduce you to fundamental concepts and movements. Your goals and capability will determine the next step in your learning process.

  • 3 private classes – $180


In a Private you will receive undivided attention from the instructor, who will cater your sessions to fit your needs. Sessions are booked based on instructor availability, and we do our best to be available at the time you need.

  • 1 class/person – $90
  • 5 classes/person – $425
  • 10 classes/person – $800


Two students working side by side is a Duet. Duet partners will explore the different aspects of a well rounded Pilates practice. This is an economical way to receive personal attention without the restrictions of a set class schedule. You must have your own partner. The FRPC will not provide a partner for you.

  • 1 class/person – $60
  • 5 classes/person – $275
  • 10 classes/person – $500

Reformer Class

The Reformer Class has a pre-requisite of “at least” one Private. Students can enjoy a new way of exercising in the Reformer Class. The Reformer utilizes spring tension and a moving carriage to decompress your joints and lengthen your spine and muscles. Each class has five spots.

  • 1 class/person  – $45
  • 5 classes/person – $200

Tower Class

This class doesn’t have any pre-requisite but we highly recommend the Intro to Equipment class prior to participation in the Tower Class. Many of the Mat exercises can be enhanced by incorporating the Tower. This system involves leg and arm springs, as well as a push-through bar. Each class has five spots.

  • 1 class/person  – $40
  • 5 classes/person – $175

Mat Class

Experience the energy created when you join a group of people flowing through the Mat Class exercises without the assistance of any equipment. There are no reservations required.

  • First Class is FREE!
  • 1 class/person  – $25
  • 5 classes/person – $110
  • 10 classes/person – $200

Pre-Natal Private Session

Pilates is a wonderful form of exercise for pregnant women. Through Pilates, women can stay strong and fit throughout their pregnancies. Pilates can help women stay connected to their changing body, improve posture, and reduce pregnancy aches and pains. In addition training the core properly helps women to prepare for delivery.

  • 1 class/person – $90
  • 5 classes/person – $425
  • 10 classes/person – $800