Ben Basar

Owner & Instructor
“The art of teaching is clarity, and the art of learning is to listen.”

Ben Basar was born and raised in Geneva, IL. While growing up there he was an athlete excelling in soccer, football, and basketball. He later received his B.A in Wilderness Leadership from Prescott College, a small Liberal Arts school in Arizona. After college he worked as a wilderness guide leading backcountry trips teaching people how to kayak, ski, climb, and backpack. In 1999 he was a victim of a high speed rear end collision that changed his career path because of chronic back and neck pain.

A Career Path Directed Towards Well-being.

After a couple years and many different therapies, he found Pilates while living in Boulder, CO. He went on to train and receive his Pilates certification in Feb. 2004, from The Pilates Center in Boulder, which has been labeled as, “the Harvard of Pilates training programs”. The Pilates Center is a world class training facility that has five First Generation teachers. A First Generation teacher is someone who studied directly with one of the five Elders, who trained directly with Joseph Pilates themselves.

Because of the painstaking process of rehabilitating from a car accident, he has compassion for anyone who is suffering from chronic pain. He has dedicated himself to helping those who wish to overcome the challenges associated with physical trauma or injury.

Ben has traveled and taught in studios in St. Louis, Chicago, and Martha’s Vineyard. He played a key role in the PMA endorsed training program at theVineyard Pilates Center, and has been an active member of the PMA since 2003. Ben has continued education training with people such as Wendy Arbuckle-LeBlancMadeline Black, and Cara Reeser, and faithfully attends the annual PMA conference to enhance his knowledge of the Pilates Method.


Karlin Kosinski-Puglise

Pilates instructor
“Learning to control your mind and body to movement is a powerful tool.”

Karlin is a certified Pilates instructor earning her 500 hr teacher training certificate through Core Pilates NYC in March 2012. She graduated from Northern Illinois University with a BFA and worked as a Visual Merchandiser for several years before changing her career into what she calls her “dream job” as a Pilates instructor. Karlin’s interest in Pilates began while taking Mat classes at a local community center, however, it wasn’t until she started working as the office manager at Fox River Pilates Center in 2011 that she found her love & passion for the method and began her journey into teaching. She found that Pilates transformed her posture, endurance, strength, and core connection the way no other form of exercise had. Karlin is dedicated to teaching the amazing benefits of the Pilates Method and loves seeing her clients reach their individual fitness goals. She strives to learn as much as she can about the method and continues to pass that knowledge along daily through teaching at Fox River Pilates Center.

Molly France

Molly France

Pilates instructor
Pilates not only changes your body – it changes your mind, your attitude and your mood.

Molly France is a Body Arts and Sciences International (BASI) certified Pilates instructor. Molly received her Pilates certification in 2012. Molly graduated from Northern Illinois University with a degree in Journalism and minors in English and Dance. While at NIU, Molly discovered Pilates. Since then she has been a devout follower and made the decision to become an instructor after the birth of her daughter. Molly’s dance background has given her a strong foundation and a well developed eye for movement analysis and an excellant grasp of the choreography behind Pilates.
Molly is a kind, caring and loves teaching. She is always striving to learn more about the body, anatomy, kinesiology and how to be the best instructor for her clients.